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Letter learning fun!

Energetic Alpha is a learning game that helps preschoolers learn to write letters. The app helps children learn proper stroke order, letter name recognition, letter shapes and letter sounds. With a streamlined navigation, the app is easy to use for little hands. And no in-app purchases required, you have peace of mind that your little kiddo is safely learning and playing.

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Energetic Alpha helps kids learn to write!
Key Features

Released June 2018! 

  • A streamlined interface

  • Easy for a child to understand and navigate

  • Absolutely no in-app purchases

  • No in-app advertising

  • Helps children learn letter shapes and sounds

  • Learning support through animation hints

  • Exposes children to verbs

  • Videos use a wide variety of pleasing music

  • Co-designed with children, parents, & teachers

  • We protect children's privacy

  • Can be customized for your child and traveling without Wifi

  • An inclusive app that uses actors and voices from different backgrounds

Key Features
App Screens
App Screens
About Lucy Junior

Lucy Junior is a digital interactive agency that specializes in technology learning tools for children. It started with an idea between two parents, wanting to make fun digital learning tools for their children that were educational and easy to use. 


Lucy Junior was started by Gretchen and Bryan Rinnert. Gretchen is a professor and researcher at Kent State University. Bryan is a photographer. As parents of two young girls, they wanted to create learning technology they trust, that engages and inspires children to learn while playing with their favorite toy, the iPad. Working with a very skilled team of professionals they created their first product, Energetic Alpha.

Lucy Junior had a lot of help from Marianne Martens, a professor in the iSchool, an expert in youth services librarianship, publishing, and interactive reading technologies. Aoife Mooney, a professor in the School of Visual Communication Design, directed Energetic Alpha's typographic framework. She helped to create an app for kids that consider not just how they learn to read, but also write! Josh Talbott, a talented iOS developer, programmed Energetic Alpha, bringing the interface to life! 


All of Lucy Junior's products go through extensive user testing and are the subject of academic papers and research. Most importantly, they are developed to help kids! Children are involved in the design process, helping the design team come up with the most innovative and fun ideas. Profits help pay for the development cost and the creation of new products.


More products are on their way. In the meantime, enjoy playing with Energetic Alpha! 

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About Lucy Jr.
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